Healing Power of Arts - "Awards of Merit Winners & Excellence Winners"

Manhattan Arts Int. - Renee Philipps

Shogun Work - "Abstract Workshop" Collection

of Steevens Hill

Selected in the "Award of Merit" category

Artist Statement in connection with the exhibition: 

"We are "matter", the loss of consciousness of the existence of the visible and the invisible is strong in modern man.
My photographic medium, based on the register of abstraction, infrared technique, allows me to bring a strong anchoring of the spectator with the environment.
This introspection aims at a "Art Therapy", a healing of the individual, by a return to the deep "self".

A big thank you to Renee Philipps for this presentation following the call to artists for "HPAA - Healing Power of Art & Artists". The winners of the Excellence and Merit Awards will be visible from January 10 to March 10, 2019. Steevens Hill


Who is Renee Philips? About Manhattan Arts International and this exhibition

Founder and Director, Renee Phillips, has organized more than 60 exhibitions, most of them dedicated to "The Power to Heal Art" in galleries and on Manhattan Arts International. She is an internationally renowned author, mentor and member of the International Association of Art Critics. She has been an active advocate for the arts on several non-profit advisory boards.
"Our mission is to promote artistic excellence.

Manhattan Arts International encourages artistic excellence in our online exhibitions. We promote artists to more than 40,000 subscribers on several social media platforms and subscription-based email marketing newsletters.
Manhattan Arts International has been presenting "The Power to Heal of ART" exhibitions for more than 20 years, because we believe that art has the power to heal, inspire, provoke, challenge and give hope"


Arstsy Shark - Instagram article dated 26/11/2018

Art can save the world
Amber Cell

Article-Post Instagram Artsy Shark:

"artsy_shark - Steevens Hill's fascinating photograph is called "Amber Cell". The artist explains that this image is a glass mosaic with structured and geometric shapes that gives way to a cellular vision of life throughout the ages. Just like amber, which fossilizes over time. Our relationship to the universe, everything is matter!" Follow him @steevenshill.

Link  : https://www.instagram.com/p/BqnphLYjqeW/

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