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Steevens Hill - Exposition à la Galerie Ada Loumani (Valbonne 06-fr)

Added Aug 28, 2019

Welcome to Galerie Ada Loumani in Valbonne!

Ada Loumani Gallery entrance

Article on Linkedin

Come and visit the Loumani Gallery, specialized in contemporary art. Different media are present, sculptures, paintings, drawings, blown glass, art photographs.Mr.

Ada Loumani is a master in the art of blown glass and has a unique technique that requires us to imagine and control the expansion of glass during fusion; he encloses paintings inspired by the great classics of history, painting between two layers of glass.

Creation of blown glass Ada Loumani

The space is vast and airy for the promotion of artists, works and messages transmitted.

Inside main entrance hall Ada Loumani Gallery

Two of my works have been selected, a unique piece, and one in limited series, they completely respond to the continuity of my artistic approach and research on light, the vibrations of life, the scientist, the matter that surrounds us in contemporary society, by and for a real awareness.

"Human in Light"

Unique Work in square format 100x100 (2019) - Digital photography as part of the Collection entitled "Synchronicity".Fine Art" art print - Hahnemühle PhotoRag 308g on Aluminium DibonAmerican box - Smooth White wooden stick

Human in Light - Steevens Hill (2019)

Light - Spatial Symmetry (2019)

Digital photography. 100x100(No. 1/5) is part of the Collection entitled "LightStract Painting".

Art print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta paper 325 gPrinting on aluminium or "Dibon", American body - smooth white wooden rod

Light - Spatial Symmetry  - Steevens Hill (2019)

Immediate left entrance to the Loumani Gallery

Do not hesitate to come and enjoy some very beautiful works for the greatest pleasure of the eyes and the mind!


For further information, please contact:

Galerie Ada Loumani

Maître Verrier

L.A. Galerie Place de l'Eglise 


Tél./Fax : +33 (0)4 93 12 97 04


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Allied Artists Exhibition - Cannes

Added Aug 14, 2019

Collective exhibition of the "Allied Artists" on the theme: "The nature and that of works of art"

Come until August 30, 2019 at Le Suquet in Cannes, discover 9 artists from all media (art photography, sculpture, ceramics, painting) of which I am a part!

Galerie Cecchin-Stretti is at the initiative of this exhibition on the art and nature of works!
Address: 10 rue Saint-Dizier - le Suquet - 06400 Cannes (haut du Suquet)

Have a good summer, everyone

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Added Aug 14, 2019

Official publication by the American website "Artsy Shark" on April 30, 2019

Added Apr 30, 2019

Steevens Hill - Featured Artist Artsy Shark // Permanent Featured Artist

It is with great pleasure that I was selected by Carolyn Edlund and her team as a Featured Artist.

Steevens Hill - Featured Artist Artsy Shark

To this end, I work alongside other international artists in all media. My artistic approach is available in English on the Artsy Shark website to highlight my work, my approach to artistic photography, and how it gives another vision of the material, the full nature!

Artsy_Shark direct link:

Instagram Artsy_Shark link:

Steevens Hill - Featured Artist Artsy Shark

I would like to thank the entire team at Artsy Shark New York for the communication, but also for the exchanges on the preparation and adaptation of my approach as an art photographer.

Very sincerely

Steevens Hill

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Réflexion sur notre place et nos origines - Frise verticale du temps

Added Apr 17, 2019

Reflection on our place, our consciousness through a simplified timeline

In close connection with Steevens Hill's artistic approach

(No beliefs, religions, politics, discrimination are highlighted, thank you:)


This micro analysis and reflection follows three of my instagram posts on the evolution of species, fossils. I chose a subject as an example of a starting point with the shark and two species named: "Carcharodon Megalodon & Carcharias".

Time passes... the story stays!"

You can read my posts on this link, which lead to an opening reflection:


So I photographed and highlighted the fossil teeth of the Megalodon and the Great White Shark. "The Meg" is 28 million years old, and the Great White is 3.6 million years old.

"Charcharodon Megalodon - Megalodon - The Meg"

"The withe shark" to supplant its pseudo ancestor for obvious reasons of adaptation, with still a lot of questioning on its predecessor (dixit mes textes sur insta...).

Which brings me to my reflection on our place in "all this"... I name: our place, existence, our consciousness even as a mammal, super predator... and the only one to have a prefrontal lob in relation to all the other animals, including the monkey that is closest...

An aside on a major difference of man on animals...our breathing is managed in two ways, conscious and are breathing right now, but you don't think about it...but if you wish, you can control all mammals...impossible!

I finally come to my extremely simplified frieze to realize where we stand on earth, and in the universe, the goal being to impact you (or not), positively on the interest you have in yourself, in your environment... And make you think internally to be aware of what is happening in you, touch your unconscious...

Let's go for the origins on the list from the big bang to nowadays, I'm too hard on myself, the simplicity is made to be understood and that you can make your own judgment. :).

Vertical frieze from the origins to the present day.

#Creation of the universe: 15 billion years / Big Bang


#Stars and planets as we know them: 5 billion years


#Planet Earth: 4.6 billion years (10 billion years after the BB)


#First multicellular organisms: 1.3 billion years.... (14 billion years after BB)

Be careful, we spend millions of years....

#Accelerating life, first animals, molluscs, shellfish, diatoms:

#Then, algae grow on land to form the first vegetation, and will follow, insects, amphibians, reptiles...: 300 million years

# Dinosaurs will rule for: 240 million years

#Extinction of the dinosaurs, then the first mammals: 50 million years (about 0.4% of 15 billion years)

#Appearance of man, Australopithecus: 4 million years

Be careful we pass in thousands of years :)))))

#Homos habilis et erectus + tools, fire: 750 000 years

#Homos sapiens sapiens sapiens (we): 200,000 years ago (0.0014% of the universe's creation), including prehistory, nomads, gathering, hunting, fishing, painting, burial)

#End of prehistory, agriculture, villages, cities, sedentarization, ideologies, culture (history), in short, the end of biological evolution: 10,000 years ago

#First big cities (Babylon or Baghdad), intensive agriculture, money, trade, irrigation (Sumerians), Egyptian civilization (2600 years of rule!): 2600 years ago

#Birth of Buddhism: about 2520 years

#Birth of the Chinese Empire: 2267 years

#Birth of Jesus: 2019 years old

Be careful, we are going through Hundred years....

#The Beginnings of Science: 500 Years

#Industrial Revolution: 210 years

#Nuclear: 75 years old

#First microprocessors, and the premise of artificial intelligence, we walk on the moon: 53 years ago

#In 2019...everyone on Facebook, instagram, digitalization of information and total dependence on digital...arrival of digital gold...Man no longer really needs a fauna and flora environment...he becomes autonomous with everything that can happen for him, mammals, the follow...

So let's be realistic and to make it simple on our awakening, staying "down to earth", yes I know it's not sexy, and zero for the erotic dimension :)))))):

Since we are "homo erectus then empowered", the mastery of Fire to require a few tens of thousands of years...then, just over 100 years, coal, car, moon, computer, iPhone, android, and space travel comes...

But what is he getting at...?? ? But, our place, our existence!

It is on this word that my work is based... If we have so little representative space on the Earth and cosmic scale... what about our strong presence today in the face of life? Is it a lottery? Quite simply!

Are we really smarter than any other mammal in terms of survival and adaptation?

I doubt it for at least two reasons: (personal opinion...and open to discussion)

.1° we go to our own destruction (human nature, pollution, wars, nuclear,...)

.2° Facing a lion in the savannah, with guns...maybe, do what, who is stronger...
So each cell, bacterium, living being will have a capacity to persist in relation to its ecosystem, but also a genetic predisposition or not to be... perfect for adaptation.

From the top of our great intelligence, are we the most likely to survive in the very long answer is: No, dixit our behaviour and actions...

Are we the result of an accident of evolution on our presence (consciousness, human condition...)?

Yes and no : The "yes" for the fruit and the sum of all cosmic, terrestrial disasters, cellular mixtures... The "no", to please:))) the septics of evolution, the idea that we had a "exogenous" boost....

Finally, while we are still on earth, let us try to open ourselves more strongly to our feelings, and learn to develop our brains.

Go beyond the reptilian brain (reproduction, drinking, eating), the limbal system (region where emotions are born), but rather our cortex for the development of abstract thinking.

I am firmly convinced that our evolution will not be by going into space first...but by exceeding and debriding the famous 14% use of our brain...yes we use it 100% but unconsciously.

Brain = Complexity (100 billion neurons) = Relation to the universe (100 billion our galaxy)

So, oxygenate this brain through meditation, abdominal, diaphragm, lateral and thoracic breathing... and via the choroid plexus (ventricles of the brain)

Good thoughts to all of you
See you very soon


"Carcharodon carcharias"

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Nouvelles Collections à venir - "Synchronity" - Unique ArtWorks

Added Apr 15, 2019

Very soon, my new collection will be available! :)

Here is the approach of this one, it represents for me, a force of realization, but not an end in itself

I wish you could benefit from it in your life, for your fulfillment and help to... "Be" a better you!

Unique work "Infra Storm" will be part of the "Synchronity" collection

xxx Approach xxx

The "Synchronity" or "Synchronicity" collection represents an outcome, an advent, of the interconnection between the different collections.

The research and work carried out for each collection, and as part of Steevens' approach, leads to a constant progression in artistic expression.

This evolution, this constant letting go, allows the photographer's eye to sharpen the mental attitude ever more open to bring about an ideal of expression, but above all answers.

Indeed, the constant work on matter, our environment, our vision, but above all the rendering of a hidden reality, brings the revelation of consciousness.

It is only at the cost of a constant involvement, that after several collections, that the realization of the unique work will be possible.

Each work that will be added to this collection will be a fusion of all the work accomplished. But there will be a consistency in the evolution of each work produced to convey a new message.

Coming from the Greek, "synchronicity" refers to simultaneity, the meeting in time.

As "Jung" explained, when our psyche focuses on an archetype or image representing the external environment, it reflects our concerns to us through events and symbols. So we can use them by facing a significant and creative chance!

Thank you for your reading


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Le grand festival d'art floral - Festival Floralie's de Sanary-sur-Mer

Added Apr 3, 2019

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the 11th edition of the Floralie's de Sanary sur Mer.

Infrared photograph taken by Steevens Hill - Sanary-sur-Mer port quay

An open-air exhibition of more than 100,000 varieties of flowers from around the world, in the presence of outstanding artists, florist craftsmen and the best workers in France.

A museum reflecting life, plants, textures, scents, colours, shapes, encouraging respect for the environment.

Infrared photography reality of the port of Sanary, east view - Steevens Hill

I will be present in the "Suspended Art" category with other artists and photographers.

You can see 14 of my photographic works dedicated exclusively to Floralie's, in a suspended format (150X200), in 10 streets of the event, where each one will have its own colors.

Abstraction OrchiHeart - Une des 14 œuvres sélectionnées - Steevens Hill 

"I would like to thank in particular the Cultural and Heritage Department of the city of Sanary for selecting me for the festival. Indeed, my approach as an author-photographer on matter, the cell, the visible and the invisible, has a strong link with the plant in my work of abstraction."
My approach to the junction between realism and abstraction allows me to give a pictorial vision of photographic rendering, and to bring together painters, sculptors, photographers to express our world, and others...

Féerie - One of the 14 selected works - Steevens HillThat is why, if you wish to acquire a new experience to awaken your senses, access and free your subconscious, I can only recommend that you visit Les Floralie's, an internationally renowned event.Forget your worries, and think about living in the present moment, vibrating to come out of it...grows internally!

Thank you for reading.See you soon for new creations

Very SincerelySteevens H.

Infrared photography reality of the port of Sanary, western view of Steevens HillAnimations:

* Exhibitions in the presence of craftsmen (10 streets in bloom)
* Conference and photo exhibitions
* Suspended Art
* Les Terrasses des Floralie's
* The Floralie's cuvée
Reality infrared photography Sanary Church - Steevens HillFor any reservation:

* Tourist Office of the City of Sanary
* Booking on:
* At the counters of external sales points, sales will be made in real time, from June 7 to 9, 2019 at Floralie's opening hours, be careful on June 10, sales will stop at 5:00 pm.

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